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Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine With Dr. Greg Manning

Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine With Greg Manning, DDS, ASBAD Description: Nearly 30,000,000,000 Americans are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. It’s estimated that 25% – 38% of your existing patients have this life-threatening disease. In this webinar, Greg Manning, DDS, DASBA, will introduce OSA to your dental teams and explain how it affects your patients.

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Upgrading Dental Sleep Medicine With Laser Therapy

Upgrading Dental Sleep Medicine With Laser Therapy With Dr. Mark A. Ligocki, DDS Description: Laser technology has become a cornerstone for treatment in thriving dental practices across the United States and worldwide. Practices leveraging this technology offer drill-free, needle-free fillings and blood-free, suture-free surgeries. Recent advancements have enabled doctors to reduce soft tissue congestion in

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9 Reasons Why the Nose is Critical to Oral Appliance Success With Dr. Steve Carstensen

Improving breathing for your patients means more than just a great mandibular advancement device. Sure, holding their jaw forward opens the airway, but they are supposed to breathe through their nose, right? What do you do if the MAD doesn’t fix all the problems? Helping your patients improve nasal airflow and combination therapy are necessary strategies for airway management success.

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