When to PIVOT To a Sleep Only Practice!

With Michael Cowen, CEO and Founder of Awaken2sleep

Are you ready to PIVOT away from the grind of restorative dentistry? Prepared to finally embrace the rewarding world of sleep-only practice?

Are you experienced in DSM and exploring the next PIVOT in your career?

Are you looking into this “sleep thing” and trying to see if this could be your retirement career?

No matter where you are on the map, you need to register for this webinar.

Sleep is the most rewarding career. DSM-only providers will tell you they only wished they had done it sooner!

Ask yourself:

  • Are you tired of treating cavity after cavity?
  • Do you want to make a bigger impact on patients’ health?
  • Are you craving a more sustainable career and lifestyle?

If you answered yes, then you need to watch this webinar.

During this session, you’ll get the full blueprint to PIVOT, including:

  • Undeniable signs you’re ready to go sleep-only
  • The increased earnings you can make in a sleep-only model
  • Structuring your sleep team and operations
  • Real transformations from dentists who have completed the PIVOT

Don’t stay stuck. PIVOT to a career you’re passionate about – improving patients’ lives through dental sleep medicine.

By this webinar’s end, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify when dental professionals should transition to a sleep-only practice.
  • Explore the financial and career benefits of specializing in dental sleep medicine.
  • Understand the essentials of setting up a sleep-focused dental team.
  • Analyze success stories and practical tips from dentists in sleep medicine.

Meet the Speaker!

Michael Cowen, CEO and Founder of Awaken2Sleep

Michael Cowen, CEO, and Founder of Awaken2Sleep started his journey in sleep medicine in 2003 performing in-lab sleep studies as a pediatric sleep technician at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Southern California. Five years later, this training and experience empowered him to save his infant daughter’s life from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a leading cause of SIDS in infants. After recognizing his calling to passionately assist others to help their patients, Michael went on to become an expert in the Business of Sleep Medicine working with physicians, building sleep centers, CPAP technology, and home sleep tests. In 2015, he founded Awaken2Sleep, a company that empowers growth-minded dental practices to level up with proven dental sleep medicine coaching, team training, and sleep testing.

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