Discover How Sleep Can Transform Your Practice

Get Your Dental Team as Excited About Sleep As You Are!

You DON’T have to stop doing restorative dentistry. Add sleep into your practice, like implants, Invisalign, or other services.

Access the hundreds of sleep patients in your practice who need your help.

Hundreds of Patients

1 in 4 of your patients suffer from sleep apnea, and 80% are undiagnosed. They need your help.

Over $2 Million in potential revenue for your practice

There’s no need to break your brain with complexity right now. Starting with a simplified approach allows you to treat patients and make money simultaneously.

Create a simple program that fits your current dental practice (without making your team mad!)

Start simple!

Starting in DSM should be done with a simplified approach that allows you to treat patients and make money simultaneously.

Sleep = Team Driven Process

Sleep is a team sport. When done the right way, the doctor spends less than 30 minutes with a patient. To do this, your team has to get on board. Get everyone moving in the same direction starting today!

Patients are tired of CPAP; they want a different option - one that only a dentist can provide.

65% of patients don't wear their CPAP. They need an effective alternative. Oral appliances are the answer.

Our coaching includes clinical education, giving you the know-how to find the right appliances for the right patients.

Your office can screen, test, and treat these patients in less than 7 days!

Your team can do it with a simple process. Simple processes = better patient outcomes.

Ready to learn the sleep basics for your practice?

Access 80+ CE for you + 4 team members in our Dental Sleep Medicine for $1!

Ready to learn the sleep basics for your practice?

Access 80+ CE for you + 4 team members in our Dental Sleep Medicine for $1!

Choose Your Next Step

Your journey to level up starts here!

Choose Your Next Step

Your journey to level up starts here!

Level Up in Sleep

Ready to do more sleep?

PIVOT to Sleep Only

Ready to PIVOT your career?

Get Free Stuff

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Sleep Hero Network

Online Dental Sleep Medicine Academy

Join 1,000+ dental professionals who have joined the network. Teams has access to 80+ hours of CE, over 300 videos, workflows, medical billing forms, marketing material, and so much more. Build your sleep practice, onboard new team members, and become a sleep hero with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Coaching Work?

It starts with the leadership; we work with the practice owners and dentist to determine goals and build a plan for your practice. Together, we decide on a cadence, objectives, and tasks that will lead to success. Combining the vast experiences of our coaches and partners, your team has everything they need to succeed.


Your team will make a custom plan for you. Want a preview?


Get a complimentary coaching call today!

Dental sleep medicine is the practice of treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) through an oral device called a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).


These devices should be FDA-Approved when used to treat patients with OSA. Dentists and their teams are uniquely positioned to screen, test, and treat patients with sleep-related breathing disorders and the ADA has said they should be involved in screening, if not treating, these concerns in patients.

Sleep is a primarily team-driven process.


There are crucial moments where the doctor should be involved, but for most of the workflow, the team can drive this service for practice. Doctors who pursue sleep without their teams often end up frustrated and ultimately give up on offering sleep. It’s worth it to train your team, especially with the variety of options available to help them get trained.


Talk to a coach and learn about different options for your team!

Getting started in sleep medical insurance is a major obstacle for most practices. We recommend that you DO NOT start billing medical insurance when starting your journey. Attempting to start medical billing simultaneously will create complications and confusion for your team. Start simple.


As your practice grows a fee-for-service model and you’re ready to do more sleep, you can look into medical billing. Typically, we work with offices who are ready to level up their sleep practice at this point.

Yes! Our goal in our coaching calls is to help dentists identify where they are in their sleep journey, where they want to go and find the next 3 steps to take to get there.


If you’re ready to define your goal and take action, take a second to schedule a call with a coach.


If you’re not, we invite you to explore our free resources!

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