Unlock the secrets of TMJ & OAT in dental sleep medicine with Dr. Justin Elikofer's insights on anatomy, movement, and clinical implications. Dive into effective strategies for managing TMJ disorders and enhancing oral appliance therapy outcomes in your practice.

TMJ & OAT: Anatomy, Movement, and Clinical Implications

With Justin Elikofer, DDS

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Does OAT cause TMD?

Isn’t TMD contraindicated for OAT?

The possibility of causing patients pain or complications can seem daunting when considering making a sleep appliance. Dr. Justin Elikofer has delivered thousands of appliances and will share the importance of understanding the OAT/TMJ relationship.

This webinar will delve deep into the intricate anatomy of the TMJ, its complex movements, and its vital role in effective OAT.

You’ll gain a holistic understanding of how these two critical elements interact, leading to more effective treatment strategies and improved patient outcomes.

Watch as Dr. Elikofer discusses:

  • Secrets of TMJ’s structure and its functional significance in dental sleep medicine.
  • Dynamic movements of the TMJ and their implications in diagnosing and managing sleep disorders.
  • Art of identifying key clinical signs during TMJ examinations and how to apply these insights in optimizing OAT.
  • Strategies for managing TMJ signs and symptoms with OAT.
  • A collaborative approach to treating TMJ disorders alongside sleep apnea.

Whether you’re new to dental sleep medicine or looking to refine your skills, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your practice.

By this webinar’s end, you’ll learn:

  • Enhanced understanding of TMJ anatomy and its clinical relevance in OAT.
  • Practical skills in assessing TMJ movement and its implications in treatment.
  • Insights into the effective integration of OAT in managing TMJ disorders.
  • Strategies to co-manage TMD alongside sleep apnea with OAT.
  • Confidence in applying a holistic approach to dental sleep medicine.

Watch now to transform how you treat TMJ and OAT in your dental sleep medicine practice.

Meet the Speaker!

Justin Elikofer, DDS

Dr. Elikofer excelled in academic studies and enjoyed 3D ceramic art, which highly impacted his post-secondary medical education - he found that dentistry was the perfect mix of art and medicine. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry and took a position with a traveling oral surgery team focused on treating hurting teeth. In 2018, Dr. Elikofer moved to South Florida. He practiced Dental Sleep Medicine under the direction of the AADSM and obtained diplomate status in 2020. Before becoming a private practice owner, he explored the best path to effectively treating patients. Seeing how these devices stabilize the airway and ultimately impact patients' lives has shown Dr. Elikofer the power of practicing sleep. In his time off, you can find Dr. Elikofer on the water or beach on a nice day or at a sporting event. He follows the USF Bulls, Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning.

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