Unlock the potential of Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) in your practice with Michael Cowen’s webinar. Learn to set actionable goals, align your team, and navigate from clinical skills to business growth with proven strategies in sleep apnea treatment, technology, and patient engagement.

Sleep Success: From Millimeters to Milestones in DSM

With Michael Cowen

Listen to this webinar:

Most dentists don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.

Starting the year with clear intentions and actionable goals is pivotal for the growth and success of your dental sleep medicine (DSM) practice. Many dental professionals dive into sleep medicine equipped with impeccable clinical skills but often find themselves adrift when it comes to transforming these skills into tangible growth metrics.

How can you bridge this gap?
Set objectives that go beyond clinical measurements?
Target patient conversion rates, collection values per patient, and consistent referrals?

Michael Cowen, with two decades of unparalleled experience coaching sleep practices to enduring profitability, is here to guide you.

He understands the intricacies of translating high-level visions into actionable strategies. This webinar will not only help you draft an inspired vision statement but will also offer tools and insights to ensure your entire team is aligned with this vision.

In this webinar Michael explores:

  • Building on the FAST Goals
  • Establishing a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for your DSM practice
  • Recognizing and avoiding pitfalls that can derail your progress
  • Crafting a detailed roadmap to your sleep business growth
  • Explore consistent progress tracking for realizing your goals

What do you get from this experience?

  1. The tools to draft a compelling vision statement for your practice.
  2. Strategies to foster team alignment with your overarching goals.
  3. Comprehensive understanding of the key metrics that define your progress.
  4. A plan to pivot and recalibrate based on real-world feedback.

Meet the Speaker!

Michael Cowen: The Man Behind the Insights

Starting his sleep medicine journey in 2003, Michael Cowen has witnessed the field from myriad perspectives - as a pediatric sleep technician, a savior of his daughter from OSA, a collaborator with physicians, a builder of sleep centers, and an expert in sleep medicine technology. His company, Awaken2Sleep, founded in 2015, embodies his passion and commitment to the field by offering invaluable coaching, training, and sleep testing services to dental practices eager to elevate their game. Join Michael this January to kickstart a transformative year for your DSM practice.

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