Beyond the AHI: What Sleep Tests Really Show Us

With Dr. Haramandeep Singh, MD

Looking at sleep test data can be overwhelming.

While intriguing, peering into a sleep test histogram often confuses dental sleep medicine professionals. Understanding these reports helps providers connect with patients and physicians better.

Watch as Dr. Haramandeep Singh, a seasoned Sleep Medicine specialist, will share how to understand the raw data on your sleep study and go beyond AHI to explore the implications for treating patients with OSA.

By this webinar’s end, attendees will be able to:

  • Explore the art of reading sleep test histograms
  • Spot crucial events and anomalies in sleep data
  • Enhance patient care with your newfound diagnostic insights

Meet the Speaker!

Dr. Haramandeep Singh, MD

Dr. Haramandeep Singh is a distinguished Sleep Medicine expert known for his comprehensive approach to treating sleep disorders. With a background that bridges psychiatry and sleep medicine, he offers a unique perspective on the impact of sleep on overall health. Join us to benefit from Dr. Singh's deep insights and practical guidance.

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