Unlock dental sleep medicine secrets with Dr. John Carollo in our webinar, "DSM Dilemmas: Overcoming Oral Appliance Challenges." Dive into real-world solutions for OAT, explore innovative diagnostic tools, and learn actionable strategies to enhance patient outcomes in your practice.

DSM Dilemmas: Overcoming Oral Appliance Challenges

With John A. Carollo DMD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA

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Have you ever faced the perplexity of a patient’s worsening AHI scores with OAT?

Felt baffled when a meticulously chosen treatment failed to eradicate exhaustion?

Or been left puzzled by persistent snoring complaints despite therapeutic interventions?

Navigating oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea can sometimes feel like moving through a dense fog. Is the key to success in choosing the right appliance? How much of it relies on the patient’s own habits and daily routines? Could there be hidden health factors at play? And the most puzzling question: Why do some patients still struggle even when all signs point to improvement?

But what’s the secret?

It goes beyond just the theoretical. It’s about actionable solutions, real changes you can make in your practice, and innovating based on real-world scenarios.

Imagine a practice where almost every story has a happy ending, where patients leave satisfied and rested. That’s the aspiration Dr. Carollo wants to share with you.

Find how the empirical evidence, balances with subjective insights, and creating an actionable plan.

By this webinar’s end, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize signs of ineffective therapy.
  • Understand the benchmarks for successful treatment.
  • Examine methods to gauge the success of oral appliance therapy.
  • Navigate intricate cases with a structured approach.
  • Explore real-world scenarios and solutions in dental sleep medicine.

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Meet the Speaker!

John A. Carollo DMD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA

Dr. John Carollo is a beacon in the world of dental sleep medicine. As a Diplomate in both The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and The American Sleep Breathing Academy, he stands at the forefront of innovative approaches and solutions. With a reputation as a sought-after national and international speaker for top-tier dental firms, Dr. Carollo has cemented his place as a thought leader. He's renowned for comprehensive discussions on Dental Sleep Medicine, Dental Implants, and Restorative Dentistry, and his hands-on training programs are a testament to his commitment to elevating the industry. Celebrated as the 2023 New Jersey Top Dentist and the dedicated Team Dentist for the New York Jets since 2007, Dr. Carollo combines passion with prowess. He currently spearheads a bustling General/Restorative and Dental Sleep Practice in Florham Park, New Jersey, where he transforms theoretical knowledge into practical triumphs daily.

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