Discover how to navigate patient objections in Dental Sleep Medicine with Dr. Greg Manning's webinar. Dive into effective strategies for DSM success, from understanding insurance queries to overcoming skepticism, and boost your practice's sleep apnea treatments and revenue.

The DSM Playbook: Conquering Objections in Dental Sleep

With Dr. Greg Manning

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Have patient objections stopped you from achieving your dental sleep medicine (DSM) goals?

Patient objections are cited as one of the biggest obstacles to a successful DSM Practice.

What objections have you experienced??

  • I don’t think I have sleep apnea.
  • My husband/wife says there’s a problem, but she’s just dramatic.
  • It’s never been a problem before.
  • I’ll talk to my medical doctor.
  • Why hasn’t my PCP brought this up?
  • How much will my insurance cover?
  • Why doesn’t my insurance pay for it?

You may have more. Many offices do.

These objections impact teams; they struggle to maintain excitement through the objections.

They get frustrated that you are making them have these conversations when “no one” is interested.

These objections can be overcome – Dr. Greg Manning has been practicing sleep since 2009. His teams have faced the ups and downs of dental sleep medicine, and they are excited that patients are getting helped, despite their objections. It’s time to make a PIVOT.

Dr. Manning will share the top 5 objections he’s experienced over the years and how to overcome them!

If you want to:

  • Test or treat more sleep patients
  • Build confidence in your team
  • Build energy in your team
  • Experience greater sleep revenue
  • Learn battle-tested verbiage for patient objections

Then be sure to watch now.

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