Prevent and Manage Oral Appliance Side Effects

With Dr. Mark Murphy

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What are the potential side effects associated with oral appliance therapy (OAT)?

  • TMD?
  • Intraoral Tissue Concerns?
  • Altered Occlusion?
  • Damaged Teeth?

Dr. Mark Murphy, ABDSM Diplomate, is going to show you how to prevent these side effects, and manage them if they do arise.

Prevention and management of OAT side effects is critical to earning the trust of patients, physicians, and payers. It is also a fundamental concern in improving success rates of treatment outcomes.

By this webinar’s conclusion, attendees will learn to:

  • Define potential side effects associated with OAT
  • Explore how appliance design impacts the likelihood of side effects
  • Mitigate common OAT side effects
  • Detail specific verbiage and talk tracks for informed consent of appliance therapy

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