Oral Appliance Therapy Dose Management

With Dr. Mark Murphy

When adjusting oral appliances, MORE may NOT be better.

Increased dose in medicine has long been associated with an increased risk of side effects and toxicity; how does this apply to mandibular advancement devices (MAD)? Over-protrusion or advancement (dose) in DSM may result in side effects and cessation of treatment.

Dose impacts your patient’s compliance with treatment, the outcome of the therapy, and the overall effectiveness of your appliance.

Watch as Dr. Mark Murphy shares with you how new appliance technology has led to appliances that provide more tongue space, more comfort, and more precision across the board. This encourages a more conservative starting position that requires less advancement.

Learn how to more effectively manage dose in your sleep cases and watch as your patient’s become more compliant.

By this webinar’s conclusion, you will learn:

  • When 20% protrusion may be as impactful as the much more common 40% – 60%
  • Conservative protrusive bite registration techniques
  • How current design engineering and technology allow us to treat patients with greater efficacy, compliance, and effectiveness with lower doses

*Sponsored by ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies

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