Discover how Nylon sleep apnea appliances increase patient comfort and effectiveness in dental sleep medicine practices treatment plans for CPAP alternatives.

Nylon Sleep Apnea Appliances: A Powerful Tool for Enhancing Patient Success

By: Serena Sleep

Today’s nylon sleep apnea appliances have evolved into desirable, viable options for maximizing your patient’s successful sleep apnea treatment. Nylon sleep appliances are gaining widespread acceptance and popularity due to their proven effectiveness in enhancing patient success contributing to practice success. Read more below to learn why Nylon appliances should be strongly considered as one of your top choices to enhance patient success and satisfaction.

How Nylon Can Help You Maximize Patient Success and Practice Success

The reason for the increased acceptance and popularity of Nylon 12 sleep apnea appliances is that they offer
many advantages over traditional milled and vacuum-formed appliances including:

  • Improved patient comfort: Nylon 12 appliances are thinner and lighter than other appliances, making them more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause irritation. The flexibility of the Nylon makes them easier to use while maintaining the needed retention. Most importantly, their comfort makes it easier to sleep while wearing! There is no question that one of the most important ingredients to success is that your patients use their appliances all night, every night.
  • Enhanced effectiveness: Effectiveness is enhanced due to the thin material maximizing oral cavity space, minimizing crowding of the tongue. Furthermore, the minimal size and thickness of Nylon appliances make it easier for your patients to wear the appliance all night long. Specifically, the Serena Nylon Elevate design allows for freedom of lateral movement, effective vertical options, and nearly unlimited block advancement positions to find the most effective mandibular advancement position.
  • Simplified titration process: The Serena Nylon Elevate and ema designs have very simple advancement systems to ensure advancement steps are consistent, easy to explain, easy to change, and effective. Nylon 12 appliances can be made from digital scans of the patient’s teeth, eliminating the need for messy impressions.
  • Simplified fitting process: To the surprise of many, Nylon appliances are quite easy to modify, helping satisfy some of the most particular patients. No burr or torches are needed! Nylon is a thermal plastic that can be loosened and tightened by heating to 100C (boiling water). Simply let the appliance soak in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, remove the appliance and quickly make the necessary adjustment to the appliance, and hold that adjustment as the material cools down below 80C.

APPLIANCE LOOSENING TIP: to loosen an entire arch or specific teeth, simply heat the appliance in boiling water for 1 – 2 minutes, place a layer of plastic over the patient’s model, then remove the appliance and quickly push it on to the model leaving the plastic in between the model and the teeth. The thicker the layer of plastic, the looser the appliance will become. A good starting point may be with a single layer of freezer bag over the teeth you wish to loosen.

APPLIANCE TIGHTENING TIP: to tighten an entire arch or specific teeth, simply heat the appliance in boiling water, after the appliance has been in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, remove the appliance and squeeze together any areas that need tightening, and hold until the appliance cools below 80C. Note that if you would like to accelerate cooling, run hot tap water (not cold) over the appliance while holding the modification in place.

Why Nylon Should Be in Your Tool Belt

Medical grade Nylon 12 is a well-proven, leading choice when considering comfort, durability, biocompatibility, and flexibility, transforming our approach to maximizing patient success with oral appliance therapy.

  • Medical grade Nylon is cleared to meet the criteria of USP Biological Test, Classification VI. This testing vigorously investigates where there is a reaction in the skin, body, and living tissue, ensuring that a product is safe. Medical grade Nylon is considered to be hypoallergenic and has been tested and certified for long-term use in the mouth.
  • Durable: Incredibly strong and resistant to breakage, making it ideal for sleep apnea appliances that need to withstand the wear and tear of nightly use. See video here of vehicle running over a nylon appliance.
  • Flexible: The flexibility of Nylon adds to the comfort of the appliances and also makes for easy fits that maintain good retention because the material flexibility allows the appliance to flex over the teeth’s height of contour, using the undercut to successfully hold the appliance in place.
  • Affordability: Most Nylon appliances are fabricated in a 100% digital process using 3D digital printing, resulting in high-end quality and performance at an affordable price.

Why Nylon Has a Role in Contributing to Patient Success

It is proven that mandibular advancement appliances are highly effective in treating a wide range of sleep apnea conditions when they are properly titrated and used nightly. Serena Sleep’s Nylon 12 appliances are no different. Serena Sleep has many thousands of satisfied users, here is a sampling of what Dental Sleep Medicine professionals have reported:

  • Patient 1 – I test so many appliances! This is one of many successes, 41.7 to 18.7 AHI!
  • Patient 2 – The Serena devices are working great. Look at this, 52.7 to 5.1 AHI!!
  • Patient 3 – 51 year old male tested at 18.1 AHI, after successful treatment measured at 2.7 AHI! Thanks Serena!
  • Patient 4 – Another Serena great result 20.2 to 8.3 AHI
  • Patient 5 – Patient diagnosed at 17.4 AHI which was reduced 7.7 AHI after successful Serena MAD treatment!
  • Patient 6 – Patient claims his life is MUCH BETTER after reducing his AHI from 23 to 3.3!
  • Patient 7 – Patient is super pleased that he is back in the same bedroom with his spouse after
    reducing AHI from 23.7 to 9.1 with a successful Serena appliance fitting.

Elevate Dental Sleep Medicine with Nylon 12 and Serena Sleep

As you continue the journey to elevate your patient’s success and satisfaction, be sure to add Nylon 12 and Serena Sleep’s advanced oral appliances as one of your main considerations. Serena Sleep is dedicated to superior customer care, unmatched comfort, and long-lasting, effective results. Embrace the future of oral appliance therapy, where innovation knows no bounds, and patients experience the transformative power of Nylon 12 firsthand. Together, let’s reshape the landscape of dental sleep medicine and awaken a new era of restful, revitalizing sleep for all.

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