Overcome M.A.D. failures in dental sleep medicine with Dr. Elikofer's expert insights on patient communication, treatment options, and collaboration with sleep MDs for better OSA outcomes. Perfect your practice and ensure patient success.

Navigating M.A.D. Failures!

With Dr. Justin Elikofer

Tired of feeling frustrated when a mandibular advancement device (M.A.D.) doesn’t work?

Are you looking for practical solutions to help your patients achieve better sleep?

Watch as Dr. Justin Elikofer helps you overcome this frustration and achieve greater success in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA.)

In this webinar, Dr. Elikofer will share his experience treating hundreds of patients with M.A.D and will:

  • Explore key verbiage for patient communication
  • Define M.A.D. failure
  • Explain methods to overcome M.A.D. Failure
  • Discuss when it’s appropriate to refer a patient to a sleep MD
  • Describe how to collaborate with sleep MDs to provide the best care.

As a dental sleep medicine (DSM) provider, it’s frustrating when a M.A.D. doesn’t provide the desired results.
With the proper knowledge and tools, you can help your patients achieve better sleep and quality of life.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the most effective treatment options for sleep apnea patients and how to navigate M.A.D. failure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert and take the first step toward becoming a more effective DSM provider.

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