Dental Sleep Failure! What To Do When Appliances Don't Work

With Dr. Kent Smith

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“I still feel lousy.”

“My husband said I’m still snoring.”

What if appliance therapy isn’t helping but making matters worse?

What should you do when a patient says treatment isn’t addressing their chief complaints?

How do you handle it when the sleep test shows improvement but they don’t feel better?

There can be a lot of factors leading to these issues and others we’ll be discussing during this webinar.

What do you do when it doesn’t work?

How do you help these patients?

Join us as Dr. Kent Smith, DSM veteran of over 25 years, who has helped over 10,000 patients with their sleep apnea, shares with you the common obstacles to effective therapy and what to do when therapy isn’t working.

By this webinar’s end, you will be able to:

  • Identify indications of non-effective therapy
  • Define effective therapy guidelines
  • Explore modalities for evaluating the objective effectiveness of oral appliance therapy
  • Detail processes to navigate complex cases

About the Speaker

Meet Dr. Kent Smith!

Dr. Kent Smith is the chief medical officer and founding practitioner of Sleep Dallas. He has personally helped over 10,000 patients with their sleep apnea in partnership with local sleep physicians and medical professionals. He is double board-certified in dental sleep medicine and has a passion for empowering dental professionals to learn about how they can make a difference in their community.

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