Dive into the essentials of dental sleep medicine in our upcoming webinar with experts Lacey Adams & Shahnawaz Khan. Unpack sleep tests, HSAT, and PSG's role in diagnosing sleep apnea to elevate your practice and patient care.

Deciphering Sleep Tests in Dental Sleep Medicine

With Lacey Adams RPSGT, CCSH and Shahnawaz Khan, RPSGT, CCSH

When does a patient need a home sleep test?

A polysomnogram?

Journey with us as we demystify the labyrinth of sleep studies. Uncover why patients require sleep studies, explore the secrets behind snoring, and delve into the complexities of sleep stages and respiratory disturbances.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) stands as a crucial component in dental sleep medicine. Discover the advantages and challenges of HSATs versus in-lab PSGs, empowering you to select the appropriate study for each patient. Learn to identify key HSAT red flags and understand when it’s time to recommend an in-lab PSG for a comprehensive analysis.

We’ll address the critical questions about the accuracy of sleep tests and the rising role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in interpreting these studies. Gain insights into the importance of having sleep tests reviewed by a board-certified sleep MD in your state to ensure reliable results.

In line with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s (AADSM) position, we’ll advocate for dentists to own and operate HSATs. Familiarize yourself with the clinical indications for ordering an HSAT and a PSG, and grasp the necessity of diligent follow-ups and titrations to guarantee optimal patient treatment.

Diving into this revolutionary domain not only diversifies your dental practice but profoundly influences your patients’ sleep health. Brimming with engaging, practical, and transformative content, this webinar is designed to propel your practice into a new era of sleep health.

Embrace this chance to transform your practice and improve patient lives, one restful night at a time. Watch as we rewrite the future of dental practice through the lens of sleep health.

Meet the speakers!

Lacey Adams RPSGT, CCSH

Lacey Adams is a Sleep Coach with EnsoData. She is a board-certified sleep educator, Certified in Clinical Sleep Health. Lacey has over 8 years of experience as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, specializing in diagnostic sleep testing along with treatment and management of sleep apnea as well as other sleep disorders. Lacey started out as a night technologist and transitioned to utilize her CCSH as a day technologist, helping patients with PAP acclimation, compliance, and sleep-related issues. Later, she became a Sleep Lab Director, assisting in building a state-of-the-art sleep lab within a wellness center. Today, Lacey uses her experience to provide coaching and guidance to people adjusting to PAP therapy. She enjoys encouraging people in healthy sleep habits and developing a positive mindset for both sleep and overall wellness. Lacey is from Alabama and she cherishes family time and outdoor adventures with her husband and two beautiful little ones.

Shahnawaz Khan RPSGT, CCSH

Shahnawaz Khan has been in the sleep field for the past 15 years. He began working as a technologist while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. During this time, Shahnawaz fell in love with the field, became an RPSGT, and moved to San Francisco to work as a sleep technologist at Stanford Sleep Center. This led him to acquire his CCSH and work with the BRPT on the exam development committee. Since then, he has worked at various research and tech institutions and has many years of experience as a dedicated scorer within over 20 different sleep systems. Shahnawaz Khan is currently an RPSGT Clinical Informaticist at EnsoData. He assists customers with a comprehensive understanding of the software and serves as a customer liaison, providing clinical expertise in usability of EnsoSleep.

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