Back To The Future: Dental Sleep Medicine Edition

With Dr. Mark Murphy

The Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) landscape has quickly evolved over the last few years. There’s the CPAP recall and the rise of telemedicine. We have also seen more CAD-CAM processes, printed materials, innovative designs, and broader home sleep testing capabilities. Today we have the first truly precision devices made using milled medical grade materials.

Dr. Murphy will discuss ”What’s Next” for DSM in the near term and the far-out future.

He will describe how materials, designs, manufacturing, and interactive functionality will alter what we do later this year and into 2023. Then, we will shed a bright light on the future and talk about “What’s Possible.” Imagine patients, providers, physicians, and payers all working together towards best practices for OSA treatment.

This isn’t for the faint of heart and those looking for just another DSM webinar. Attendees will peek into the future of the field and learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

By this webinar’s conclusion, attendees will be able to:

  • Define precision oral appliance therapy (OAT) devices
  • Describe modern technology of OAT manufacturing
  • Investigate the opportunities for collaboration between MDs and dentists
  • Explore the possibilities of OAT for treating Sleep Apnea in the future 

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