Unlock the potential of dental sleep medicine in our webinar featuring Dr. Mark Murphy & Dr. Ed Sall. Dive into MD-Dentist dynamics, enhance patient care & grow your practice with expert insights on OAT, collaboration strategies, and debunking misconceptions.

A Dentist, a Physician, and a Webinar: Clearing the Air on Dental-Medical Misunderstandings

With Dr. Mark Murphy and Dr. Ed Sall

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Dental/Physician relationships are often marred by misconceptions and a lack of understanding.

Dentists and physicians who foster relationships can:

  • Reach more patients
  • Raise awareness
  • And grow their businesses.

Creating common understanding and sharing in this opportunity are vital to the long-term success of dental sleep medicine.

Dentists who are strategic with physician relationships will grow their sleep practice and be among the most successful in dental sleep medicine.

Watch as Dr. Ed Sall and Dr. Mark Murphy come together to discuss:

  • Debunking misconceptions prevalent among dentists about MDs.
  • Understanding OAT from a physician’s perspective.
  • Identifying key expectations of physicians from their dental counterparts.
  • Encouraging effective interprofessional communication.
  • Crafting practical strategies for collaboration to enhance patient care.

In a healthcare world that increasingly calls for inter-professional collaboration, this webinar will dispel misunderstandings. Dr. Sall and Dr. Murphy will help both dentists and physicians navigate their professional intersections more effectively, leading to improved outcomes.

This webinar extends beyond a mere discussion – it offers a doorway into a more collaborative future.
Join us on this journey as we delve into the heart of the medical-dental dynamics, striving to foster a community that’s not just well-informed but also well-connected. Let’s take this opportunity to build bridges, break barriers, and ensure better, more holistic healthcare outcomes.

Meet the speakers!

Dr. Mark Murphy

Dr. Mark Murphy, a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine with a career spanning over 25 years has enriched dental professionals worldwide with his humor-infused, evidence-based teaching style. Dr. Murphy’s expertise is instrumental in decoding the misconceptions dentists may have about physicians and fostering greater understanding.

Dr. Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, has an enriched career traversing general Otolaryngology, TMD, facial pain, and sleep disorders, he brings a unique perspective, especially regarding Oral Appliance Therapy. His journey provides him an understanding of both sides of the coin, enabling him to articulate the needs, expectations, and misunderstandings between the two professions.

Dr. Ed Sall

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