Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Marriage?

By Jordan Thuilliez

Sleep apnea doesn’t just impact the person suffering from apnea, it also impacts their significant other.

With obstructive sleep apnea, snoring is accompanied by pauses where you stop breathing because your airway collapses.

It is estimated that 40% of men and 24% of women snore at some point in their lives. This rise in sound (and stress level) is why 25% of couples are sleeping apart. One of the most commonly requested features on new custom built homes is two master bedrooms.(1)

The number one complaint of bed partners is snoring!

Snoring, like all other sounds, is measured in decibels (DB). To give you some context on just how loud a snore can get, here is a list of common sounds and their measurements:

The loudest snore ever recorded was by Jenny Campbell,a woman in the United Kingdom who snored at 111 DB!

The average snorer snores anywhere from 50 to 70 DB, almost as loud as an alarm clock. Imagine sleeping next to an alarm clock going off all night! 

You might not even have to imagine this. You might be nodding your head angrily because you already know that you sleep next to an “alarm clock” going off all night!

It’s no surprise that bed partners are frustrated with one another, especially when they can’t get the rest they need. 

The person who is snoring and has sleep apnea is already waking up consistently throughout the night gasping for air. Meanwhile their bed partner is waking up throughout the night too. This is a vicious cycle that can occur every night and can result in marriages suffering, upset couples, and couples sleeping apart. 

This sleep disorder can potentially be life-threatening. It’s time to have a conversation with your bed partner about what their next steps should be.

To learn more about how to fix it, check out our consumer website: 

What would it be like to sleep in the same bed again? Think of how much better off your marriage could be if you were both well rested every day.

Interested in getting a home sleep study to see if your significant other has a sleep or airway disorder?

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