FFS VS Medical Billing – Make Money In Your Sleep Program | Webinar

FFS VS Medical Billing - Make Money In Your Sleep Program

With Dr. Mona Patel
and Lesia Crawford


Medical billing will kill your new dental sleep program, don’t do it!


Medical billing is required to make money in dental sleep medicine!

Which of these statements did you hear when you started in dental sleep??

When it comes to implementing DSM in your practice you have to pick the right approach. The days of $10,000 checks from medical insurance for OSA appliances are gone. However, that doesn’t mean medical insurance should be completely ignored.

Factors that impact your office’s use of medical insurance are:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Treatment model
  • Long-term goals

Determining what workflow and system will shape how you treat sleep apnea and interact with your community.

Learn from Dr. Mona Patel, a dentist who is leaving private practice to do DSM full time (without medical billing); and Lesia Crawford, medical billing expert; if you should consider medical billing in your dental practice.

This conversation can make or break your new sleep program. Don’t miss this event.

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of medical billing for mandibular advancement
  • Identify misconceptions of medical insurance reimbursement
  • Explore key workflow differences for FFS or medical billing for OSA treatment
  • Define the requirements for medical reimbursement for MAD in the dental practice

*Co-Sponsored by SomnoMed and Awaken2Sleep

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