Temporary & Trial Sleep Appliances - How, When, & Why

With Dr. Jeff Paz, DDS


Sleep apnea and restorative dentistry have a delicate balance, when a patient needs both we see that one falls off, often forgotten.

When a patient has restorative work that needs done it’s hard to justify making a custom appliance for that patient when we know you’ll have to adjust it in a few weeks.

Likewise, obstructive sleep apnea has been correlated to periodontal disease, sleep-bruxism, tongue scalloping, acid reflux, and higher attrition. These comorbidities of sleep apnea impact the dental work that you do every day.

How do we balance OSA and restorative treatment?

We need to understand the implications of sleep apnea on oral health, identify the signs, and the potential impact that it may have on our dental treatment plan. Once we pinpoint OSA as the obstacle to our progress, we can combine restorative and sleep treatment plans with certain appliances.

Register now and learn how, when, and why you should use temporary appliances!

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Define the impact of OSA in the mouth
  • Explore temporary appliance technology
  • Evaluate the best practices for combining dental and sleep treatment planning
  • Learn how to increase profits and patient compliance in your DSM program

*Co-Sponsored by Airway Management Inc. and Awaken2Sleep


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