Telemedicine – From Screening to Prescription

With Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD, MBA

The COVID pandemic highlighted the utility of telemedicine. Previously thought of as a futuristic novelty with limited use cases, its benefit has been realized and it continues to gain adoption across the world.

Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) and telemedicine make wonderful bed partners. The technology can minimize dentist time, increase access to care, simplify workflows, and save patients time on travel and office visits.

Telemedicine can greatly streamline the HST and MD visit steps that are oftentimes bottlenecks in the DSM diagnostic and treatment workflow. Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD and Michael Cowen will share how telemedicine can simplify these processes, save time, and improve patient outcomes in dental sleep practices.

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Define the differences between telemedicine and telehealth
  • Understand how telemedicine can simplify DSM practice workflow
  • Know what criteria to consider when selecting a telemedicine platform
  • Determine how to incorporate telemedicine into the practice

*Co-Sponsored by SleepMedRx and Awaken2Sleep

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