Unlock the secrets of dental sleep medicine with Dr. John Carollo in our upcoming webinar. Explore the best oral appliances, materials, and labs for treating OSA. Perfect for dental professionals looking to enhance their practice.

DSM Appliance Selection: Design, Materials, Labs, and More! | Webinar

With Dr. John Carollo

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With over 140 FDA-approved oral appliances, which do you use to treat OSA?

What materials do you use?

Which mechanism of action do you use?

Which labs are the best to order from?

Knowing which appliance impacts treatment outcomes.

Dr. John Carollo, a leading expert in dental sleep medicine, will share the simple steps he takes to select appliances for his patients. Not only is he a Diplomate in the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, but he also maintains a full-time restorative practice in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Watch as he discusses the appliances that balance the need for effective treatment of OSA and consideration of dentition.

By this webinar’s conclusion, you’ll learn: 

  • The different materials used in appliances
  • Which appliances to use when…
  • How to order an appliance
    When to use specific labs
  • Why appliance design impacts side effects

Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and take your dental practice to the next level.

Meet the speaker!

Dr. John Carollo

Dr. John Carollo is a leading expert in dental sleep medicine with extensive experience in oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. He is a Diplomate in The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and The American Sleep Breathing Academy and is a national and international speaker for top dental companies. He has presented extensively on the subjects of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dental Implants, and Restorative Dentistry and teaches hands-on programs in Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Implants. Dr. Carollo is a 2023 New Jersey Top Dentist and has been the Team Dentist for the New York Jets since 2007. He maintains a full-time General/Restorative and Dental Sleep Practice in Florham Park, New Jersey.

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