Upgrading Dental Sleep Medicine With Laser Therapy

Upgrading Dental Sleep Medicine With Laser Therapy

With Dr. Mark A. Ligocki, DDS


Laser technology has become a cornerstone for treatment in thriving dental practices across the United States and worldwide. Practices leveraging this technology offer drill-free, needle-free fillings and blood-free, suture-free surgeries. Recent advancements have enabled doctors to reduce soft tissue congestion in the airway and eliminate a common cause of snoring. Whether they are used as a stand-alone treatment for snoring or as an adjunct therapy alongside mandibular advancement devices to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), lasers have become an invaluable solution to both dentists and patients alike.

Join Dr. Mark Ligocki as he shares his experience implementing laser therapy into his dental treatment plans and his sleep apnea protocol. He will share what you need to know when evaluating laser systems, how to get started, and advanced techniques to level up your sleep program.

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Define the scope and opportunity of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Explore the benefits of using laser technology in your dental practice
  • Evaluate the use of laser technology in treating primary snoring
  • Discover best practices for adding laser therapy to your sleep protocol
  • Learn how to increase profits in your DSM program

*Co-Sponsored by Convergent Dental and Awaken2Sleep

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