“Start With Why” Review

“Start With Why” Review

By: Chad Wooters

Start With Why is a fantastic book written by Simon Sinek that explains the fact that we as humans want to make a connection before we make decisions.

Simon Sinek makes a crucial point that when we want to purchase something, we find the reasons to do so.

If we think about some of the items we buy or decisions we make, we can see that we already decided to buy that item, then we justified the decision.

Why is that? 

In Simon’s book, he will explore the idea that our decisions are made from the “inside” out. He will explain that we first make an emotional connection to our decision and the decision is usually made at that point! His argument is that if you understand why someone wants to make a decision then you can help them get there.

We use this concept of connecting with why, and story branding to teach a curriculum known as Hero Positioning! 

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Who Should Read This Book?

 I would recommend this book to anyone who is in sales, marketing, or works with people. This book will allow us to better engage with others.

Want to Watch a Summary?

Another resource for you if you are considering the book is the Ted Talk: Click here to watch the Ted Talk. The Ted Talk is an amazing brief summary of the book that allows you to actually connect with the speaker.

What I Got From It 

This book is also among my favorites. When reading this book you are challenged to think about your motivations, your decisions, and why you do everyday things. It forced me to be honest with myself and showed me when I really needed something versus just wanting it.

I applied it personally by trying to implement the question of “why” into my sales pitches, public speaking, and day-to-day conversations. It was a little tricky, but it was worth it to start considering how to connect with people. It is definitely not the only tool that I have come to use, but it makes for a good part of the filter in which I view my normal interactions with others.

What are some of the motivating factors that have led to important decisions in your life? Please share what you got from this article and tag @Awaken2Sleep on social media, we want to hear from you!

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