Driving Dental Sleep Medicine Success through Innovative Solutions

Sleep Hero Network

Are you just starting your journey in Dental Sleep Medicine? Have you struggled to get your team on the same page? Have you found it difficult to get paid for the appliances you have delivered? Are you operating a successful dental sleep practice and want to take it to the next level?

Practicing Dental Sleep Medicine can be a very rewarding experience. The Sleep Hero Network was founded to offer streamlined solutions to common issues.

The Sleep Hero Network provides:

  • Community-Based Platform
  • Live Sleep Coach Support
  • On-Demand Action-Based Courses (CE)
  • Extensive Form & Document Library

 Transforming Dental Providers into Sleep Heroes

Interpretation Services

Own a Home Sleep Test unit? Are you finding it difficult to connect with a local sleep physician? Do you need your sleep reports interpreted by a physician who understands the benefits of oral appliance therapy?

Find out how our simple, dental-friendly process can streamline your program.

Through the Sleep Hero Network our Process is Simple:

  1. Upload the HST Data to our system
  2. Interpretation by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician (all 50 States)
  3. Receive Interpreted Report, Diagnosis, and Recommended Treatment in 1-3 business days

 Transforming Dental Providers into Sleep Heroes

Home Sleep Testing Direct Shipping

Sleep apnea patients walk through your door daily, but how can you help them? Don’t own a Home Sleep Test unit? Your team doesn’t have time to hand out equipment at checkout? No problem!

Our Direct Shipping model for Home Sleep Testing offers a simple, low-cost approach to starting a dental sleep medicine program.

Through the Sleep Hero Network our System is Simple:

  1. Screen your patients
  2. Submit patients through our portal
  3. Receive Interpreted Report, Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment 

 Transforming Dental Providers into Sleep Heroes

Home Sleep Testing Units

You want to bring Dental Sleep Medicine into your practice as an integrated service; billing medical insurance, processing results, presenting treatment and helping the patient from A to Z in treating Sleep Apnea, but you need a unit! Units are available, but you may have some questions:

Which unit should I get?
What are the pros and cons of each unit?
Which unit fits with my goals?

Every practice is unique and the unit you may need can be different, here is our process:

  1. Schedule a Consultation Appointment With One of our Sleep Coaches
  2. Speak with a Coach to
  3. Assess Your Needs
  4. Receive Quotes
  5. Purchase Units and Receive Tutorials Through Sleep Hero Network

 Transforming Dental Providers into Sleep Heroes

Dental Sleep Medicine Coaching

Are you a dentist who wants to empower your team with new knowledge and the ability to assist patients with this potentially life-threatening disease? The questions that providers ask are:

Where can I find engaging content that has an impact on my team?
Can I access the content after the initial sessions?
And how do I simply onboard a new team member with the same information?
Can my team get CE credit?

Our coaching programs offer:

  • Guidance in selecting the right coaching program
  • A personal coach who works with you and your team through implementation
  • Ongoing access to your assigned coach*
  • Access to on-demand content
  • The ability to onboard new team members with ease

Schedule your complimentary consultation with our Sleep Coaches to see which program is right for your practice.

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