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Director of Operations of Awaken2Sleep

Hello, my name is Chad.

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 My job is to help build business systems for dental practices.

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Chad Wooters

COVID Considerations and Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

COVID Considerations and Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Chad Wooters, Executive Sleep Coach Description: Dentists can screen their patients for an airway concern or obstructive sleep apnea in 3 ways without using any additional forms! If a dental team evaluates a patient’s medical history, intra-oral signs, and subjective complaints, they can effectively screen and

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10 Reasons Why a Dental Team Should Be Treating Sleep Apnea

By Chad Wooters Why should a dentist be involved in identifying or treating someone with obstructive sleep apnea? This is only part of the question. The reality is that dentists are busy doctors! On their own, they limit the potential that their team can have in the dental sleep medicine arena. Dental teams are uniquely

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The Diagnostic Pathways For Sleep Apnea

Are you a dentist who has considered getting into dental sleep medicine? Perhaps you even have a home sleep test sitting in a drawer from that event you went to. Do you remember when they told you how easy it would be to get paid for the test and the appliance using medical billing? When

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How to Gamify Your Dental Practice

By Chad Wooters Games are a crucial part of most cultures, whether it is sports, board games, card games, online games, or any other type of games. Games permeate every region of the world. In his book “Actionable Gamification”, Yu Kai Chou discusses what he believes are the eight factors that drive human behavior and

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