Build the Foundation for Dental Sleep Growth | Webinar

Build the Foundation for Dental Sleep Growth

With Dr. Mona Patel

Have you ever screened a sleep patient?

What happened next?

Did they tell you they don’t want a sleep test?

Perhaps they told you they’re just there to get their teeth cleaned.

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How can you overcome this pushback and help them understand how important a sleep test might be to their life expectancy and their quality of life?

And how can you do this without setting the entire office back 20 minutes all day long?

Watch as Dr. Mona Patel shares how she has this conversation with her patients. How she uses the clinically relevant information at her fingertips to screen patients and inform them that they are going to take home a sleep test.

Explore how to help patients understand the seriousness of their airway problem.

Show them how to take action immediately.

Explain to them what the consequences of inaction are.

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Identify significant comorbidities of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
  • Describe the impact of age, genetics, gender, and substances have on sleep
  • Explain how to combine key verbiage and clinical insights to test more patients
  • Discuss the support role of the team in the screening process

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