4 Appliances to Treat 95% Of Your Sleep Patients With Greg Manning, DDS

4 Appliances to Treat 95% of Your Patients

With Greg Manning, DDS, ASBAD

1 out of 4 patients in your dental practice this week have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). For those that will benefit from an oral appliance, 95% of them can be treated with 1 of these 4 appliances.

Sure, the FDA has given the thumbs up to over 130 different appliances. You only need to know 4 of them.

Watch the webinar below to learn which 4!

By the webinar’s conclusion, you will learn to:

  • Define key indications and contraindications for 4 frequently used appliances
  • Evaluate patients to identify which appliance is best for them
  • Mitigate appliance side-effects
  • Improve case acceptance

*Co-Sponsored by SomnoMed and Awaken2Sleep

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